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I never felt welcomed there. Almost immediately, I had two moderators following me around, making impolite comments to mine. They acted like they knew me, but they don't.

In general, they treat any new arrival as an old disbanded member, suspicious and rude towards anything you participate in if it's not a generic question.

There are some nice members there, but I see them often fighting an uphill battle. One particular moderator that goes by the name of Platinum is especially abusive. I am surprised these members stay although they seem to be able to fight him back with a cool head and fact.

I have seen some newer members employ the same strategy, but then they suddenly disappear after it becomes evident they were either deactivated or left willingly.

The strangest part of the whole site which is not evident immediately is some of the posts become these watering holes for the regulars to dis any member they dislike. I stay off those posts, but they are disturbing. They have innocent titles and they are buried in the rest of the light-hearted stuff, but it's there. The moderators often comment on these in an effort to fan a flame instead of disperse it.

It's obvious the moderators have a tight clique they protect, while abusing others.

Whatever is going on there, there are serious grudges happening. It seems to involve other members and another site. It makes you wonder why anyone would spend so much time hating on others they only know from the internet.

Reason of review: Bad atmoshere for new members.

I liked: Few other members.

I didn't like: Moderators, Drama, No response to complaints by upper management.

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Cliques are bound to happen. It's a fact of life.

If you want true Democracy, move to North Korea. There, every normal citizen is just as oppressed. I don't know how many of you have had bad experiences with me, but I have always tried to be fair to the new users - some people just don't get my quirky sense of humor. That's hardly my fault.

It's hardly my fault either, that I like certain members just as much as they like me. Cliques are bound to happen.

A fact of life. Get over it and start your own cliques.

Have inside jokes, have fun, don't be so *** serious about everything. Heart attacks can kill you faster, than you can say my name.


I was on this site. Closed my account.

My wife wanted to try it and they suspended her as being a sock.

I guess it never dawned on them some people only have one computer in their house, so just because the IP address is the same, doesn't mean it's the same user signing up for a second account.

This is hilarious because a number of people are on this site that have or have had multiple accounts. (And yes, I'll be more than happy to send you a link to prove it.)

to trooperstruth #1362143

Your account can still be seen offline.

to Anonymous #1381263

Yeah, closed accounts are held in stasis making it appear there are more members than there really are. They do this so they can lie to their advertisers.

to trooperstruth #1376328


I miss you - and I really mean that. Your wife...

I have no idea. I thought she said she had been using a library computer and not just your own? I mean, those things are behind NAT. And yes, my current account is the third or fourth one, I believe, so you are absolutely spot on with your criticism.

I agree with you, it's silly and pointless.

But it's a glitch, it's nothing personal. So, why to take it personally?

With all the best,

Marko // Zonkey

to ZonkeyBalls #1379605

I take it personally, Zonkey, because it WAS personal. How many other users have been asked to produce government issued ID on THIS website?

None. Post it as a question if you don't believe me.

If they HAD asked EVERYONE for id, that would be different.

This was (and is) 100% Darkest Serenity (once again) abusing her power and position.


This review was written by someone who breached Amirite's Terms and conditions and is making a false review. The user was banned for bullying. We have strict controls on and don't tolerate any nonsense or breach of rules.

We treat all users fairly.

to #1361312

No, you don't. I signed up for your site on the recommendation of someone else.

You sent me an email telling me how happy you were I was a member of your site. When I tried to go one the site when I had time to explore it, I'm suspended?

You should stop using words you don't know the meaning of.

to RSigul #1361339

When I sent you an email disputing this your site asked for personal information.

You're not getting mine until I get YOURS.

You send me a copy of YOUR unexpired passport or government issued ID and then maybe we'll talk. I have no idea who you are or what you intend to do with my information.

I didn't provide this for Facebook, I'm sure as *** not doing it for some no name opinion site.

to #1363742

That response is a lie. Everyone is not treated fairly and you know it, Serenity.

to Anonymous #1379212

"That response is a lie. Everyone is not treated fairly and you know it, Serenity."


"All of the animals are equal, but some are more equal than others." ~ Animal Farm, George Orwell

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada #1212462

They have always been a twisted bunch. Bunch of crybabies looking for attention.

Dallas, Texas, United States #1211842

All true. Very abusive site.

I was shocked how new members were treated.

It's nothing like what the website home page will tell you. Never again.

to Linda_Z #1361310

I agree. I signed up and got a welcoming email.

I was at work so I decided to play around with the site when I got home. I try later the same night and get a message that my account is suspended (?).

I only HAVE one account!

"Every opinion matters", huh? My opinion is they seem like jerks.

Manassas, Virginia, United States #1204577

This site is being shut down.....yaaaaaa

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #1211851

I get the impression that no one is really running the ship since anything goes there.

Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania #1197278
Amirite very bad in my country :(
to Anonymous Mykolayiv, Mykolaivs'ka Oblast, Ukraine #1200258


Bel Air, Maryland, United States #1195197

Cliques are alive and well there.

They have a post going on right now which can be found on their front page of the Just in Section.

Look for; Sukiesnow -

"There is Amirite and XXX. Pick one and be loyal. This means posters and mods.


(xxx stands for Answermug)

Look at the discussion between Markymark and StarzAbove about the members that enjoy both sites.

If this isn't bullying from a clique, nothing is.

to SMH South Carolina, United States #1195207

They are pathetic. They don't like the fact that they are being exposed for what they are.

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