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From Will Cooper . Amirite is a mild site full of old fogies and prudes.

Better not post anything sexual or controversial, or sissy Platinum will be offended and bawl to Darkest Serenity to have the post removed and the user banned. I noticed three of my friends were banned over the weekend for absolutely nothing. They were dubbed trolls for no reason other than candy assed Platinum's wittle feelings were offended. However Darkest Serenity's friends can post whatever they want, and not even receive a warning.

That's another thing.

Some favored members get 5 or 6 warnings, while other newer members are banned immediately. Well, I guess it pays to suck *** in high places.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amirite Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Double standards when enforcing site rules.

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"SER" strikes again! LOLZ!!


I've not been a mod for over a year, so that proves this liars comment in its entirety is completely false..most genuine people will never believe the trash that is written here...I love sex posts...

to JD #1378122

who ever said you were a mod? I didn't read that.

I read that you bawl (cry) to your personal mod. LIAR!!

to JD #1378128

lolz nobody SAID you were a mod. YOU ARE THE LIAR, Always was, always will be. lol lol

to JD #1378306

Please learn to read.

to JD #1389118

Sex posts are as close to sex as you get. Of course, you love them.


Could you be more specific about these said issues? I don't think I quite caught up with you here.

You are saying the site is using double standards, in the way that the moderators are behaving, and yet you are unable to give us any detailed information or examples of the said behavior? I call *** on this one.

to ZonkeyBalls #1381738

Being Serenity's minion means nothing here.


They would have a decent site if James just got shed of 3 members.

Darkest_Serenity, StarzAbove, and Platinum (JD).

to Art #1376652

You are sweet, you say the nicest things...I've never been thrown off any site as I stick by the rules, it's a shame you are a nasty troll who is hated by every nice person...

to JD #1377490

No, you just got thrown off being a moderator because everyone hated you.

to JD #1378130

Serenity can't protect you here. lolz


If Amirite would get rid of 3 members, they would have a decent site. Darkest_Serenity, StarzAbove, and Platinum (JD).

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