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It's one of the worst of its kind. You join for friendship and chat and quickly realize you just walked back into time when you learned all about the bully kids on the playground.

Don't bother the moderators with your complaints. They will not only ignore it, they will encourage it against you! Want to challenge this or try and go above their heads? You won't be signing back in to see the result. They deactivate accounts every day to keep their numbers low, but "agreeable".

Many long time regulars have left on their own in the last year since the worst was put in charge. Many others were deactivated without cause, the moderators bragging that they were only "troublemakers" or "socks".

Don't take this review or any review to make up your mind. Go through some of the posts. Look for moderators Darkest Serenity and Platinum. Their writings and interactions will give you an insight. Check out StarzAbove, dd_ixon, MarkyMark, and Tiffanee. They are some of the most toxic and tasteless, but certainly not all that will leave you shaking your head and wanting to run far away from the drama.

Word of advice? If you are someone new and they don't know you from the past, use great care expressing an opinion and do not question anything about the site or the crazy antics of the very active moderators! You may last a week or two if you "behave" as Platinum likes to tell all his newcomers. You will swear you are sitting in the principal's office for something serious if you do decide to not go along with the general opinion(s) of the moderators' clique.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amirite Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: The site needs to be investigated..

I liked: Page layout.

I didn't like: People.

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This review was written by someone who got banned from Amirite for breaking the rules and isn't happy about it.

to Loo #1423198

Not necessarily.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1273159

That sounds very similar to what is happening on AFF now. I'm no longer on the site. I created a new place to blog so that I can be open and honest without getting *** slapped because my opinion is not the same as the newly self-appointed blog police.

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada #1212461

Same stuff, different day. Left that mess ages ago.

Dallas, Texas, United States #1211849

Not a nice place to talk to new people. Everyone thinks you are an imposter. Visit to make up your own mind, but don't sign up until you read through the posts.

Arizona, United States #1198815

Just ask yourself why most of the negative comments on here are posted anonymously. That, in and of itself, should tell you everything you ever needed to know about Amirite and the members who left it (some even out of choice) to join Answermug.

to Gun #1198870

Well duh! Maybe the ones with legitimate concerns are still part of the community and don't want to hear the backlash since this review site is a discussion there.

And before you ask why they would remain on a site they have complaints on, many may still have good friends there that they are not ready to separate from. But this site has a lot of serious issues that are making those remaining members think twice about staying.

to Dan Arizona, United States #1199129

Ever heard of email, Dan? It's a lot more reliable as far as staying in touch with friends than depending on a website (as the departed SodaHead proves).

to Gun #1201641

Why do you care dude? I believe in warning people about something that may not be a very pleasant experience coming in.

Afraid these comments may affect the well being of the site you can't live without?

to Gun #1201645

And you are here because...?

Afraid some truthful comments may ring a bell to someone outside your little girl's club?

Arizona, United States #1196127

My only comment to this is, this review could be for just about any social media site.

Both sites have more users than each site credits the other with having.

The big question in my mind, if you hate the other site (whichever it is) and the users there so much, why do you go there at all?

to Gun Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1196986

I can answer this. I am a former user and agree with what is said here.

Does the OP even say if he or she is still a regular user?

Perhaps some that hang in there do so until they can find something else.

Maybe they have friends they still enjoy, but see problems that should be expressed.

It took me a while to leave, but once I did, I never looked back until I heard of this review site and had to add my 2 cents. Take care.

Southend, Southend-On-Sea, United Kingdom #1194772

Why is Serenity eating flowers in that picture above? Is that supposed to make her look like a vampire? lolz

to Baron #1194904

Give that Boy a Gold Star , Yes , it's a Vampire , what of it ? Some People are into Star Wars , some are into fluffy puppies , I'm into Gothic Imagery which I personally think is Stunning but each to their own I say.

to Darkest_Serenity Wayne, Nebraska, United States #1194905

Reminds me of a bunny rabbit.

to Kitty #1194909

No.......She's definitely not a Bunny Rabbit lolz

to Kitty Wayne, Nebraska, United States #1194916

Bunnies are much cuter and much more gentle and shy.

to Kitty #1195073

Bunnies I've run into lately are far from Gentle & Shy , they are Vicious , Spiteful , Vindictive , Lying , Manipulative , Whinging little Critters least when I go for the Jugular I have good reason. [trying to break up a Friendship with Lies is twisted]IMHO

to Darkest_Serenity #1196768

Because you are an 'attention seeking ***' with no life of your own?

to Darkest_Serenity New York, New York, United States #1196780

Serenity is just pissed at the Bunnies because she was permanently banned from that site for stirring up trouble. Sour grapes.

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