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A friend had invited me to check out the site and my stay was brief, as was his.

This is a very hostile environment from the first time logging in until I decided to leave. There seems to be a lot of fighting with the moderators with each other about new members. Some moderators seem welcoming, others not so.

I was appalled at what hostility is allowed from some of the other members in how new people are treated. They are not only accused of being other former members, they are being told to leave! None of these new members have said or done anything to warrant this sort of harassment.

I took a screenshot at what is being posted today and no administrator is removing it. See below;

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Warning to others to not engage .

I liked: Page layout.

I didn't like: Moderators, Drama, Psychotic members.

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This review was written by someone who breached Amirite's Terms and conditions and is making a false review. The user was banned for bullying. We have strict controls on and don't tolerate any nonsense or breach of rules.

We treat all users fairly.

to Amirite #1425495

To Amirite,

It appears that Amirite is run in a pretentious haughty dictatorial manner; "We have strict controls..." SMH! Who would want to join such a controlling dictatorship?


I joined and was deactivated FOR NO REASON!!!!!!! i don't know what i did wrong.

i posted questions about halloween and spiders and found my account deactivated. lots of people gave answers to my questions. no reason was given at all!!!!!!!!! WHY DOES A SITE DEACTIVATE NEW PEOPLE???

it says i was only allowed one account.

i never had any!!!! does anybody know who i can talk to????

to FOOTLOOSE Avon Lake, Ohio, United States #1233788

You can't talk to anyone. Once you create an account, you are deactivated the minute that one of the five paranoid members reports you as a sock.

Platinum, Starzabove, Gun, Tiffanee and the *** Markymark. If ANY of those five report you, you are finished.

Amirite, however, will keep your posts and comments active to give the illusion of high membership It's a farce. There are only about 15 - 20 active members on Amirite.

to Anonymous Avon Lake, Ohio, United States #1233791

*The l-l0M0 Markymark.

to Anonymous #1295214

Avon lake anonymous is Remy.

to Anonymous #1295378

Hi Remy. Still being a dip s h i t, I see.

to Anonymous #1310614

I thought Remy was in prison. Did she get out? lol lol

to FOOTLOOSE #1361316

I had the same thing happen to me.

I just signed up and only have one account. I don't know what in the *** they're talking about.


I just had a comment removed because of : "Cheek". I saw nothing in the rules about cheek.

Another of Serenity's made up rules to protect her five friends. Gun, Tiff, Starz, Marky, and Platinum.

Avon Lake, Ohio, United States #1227258

I joined Amirite and was immediately attacked by someone called Gun with rudeness and extreme profanity. Moderator Darkest Serenity said if I didn't like it, I should use the profanity filter or leave the site.

I guess she didn't know that rudeness and abuse is against the rules, but she said "Oh that's just Gun".

No, she knew, but lets her friends slide. Who needs Amirite and their ilk?

to Anonymous #1227711

Yep. They deactivated me.

to Anonymous #1231426

Me to!!!! it said i can't have more than one account but i never had any accounts.

to FOOTLOOSE Avon Lake, Ohio, United States #1233790

That is their canned reason for deactivation when they have no other reason, which is usually the case.

to FOOTLOOSE #1295381

How were you deactivated then, with no account?

to FOOTLOOSE #1310627

They deactivate Remy because she's crazy. lol lol

I'm everyone's favorite on Amirite.


Know this site well. There are a lot of babies on there.

The men are worse than the women, especially crybaby Gun, homophobic MarkyMark, and older than dirt, Platinum.

These guys give new meaning to a nursery full of babies needing a bottle.

Don't bother with this site if you want grown up talk.

to Monty Chisinau, Chisinau, Moldova #1227651

Markymark is a closet ***. Look at his name.

Marky??? lol. His profile is full of shaved, buff males. His posts often have male memes.

His favorite rock stars are male.

No, Markymark is not homophobic. He is as *** as a 4 dollar bill, but is in denial.


If the members of Amirite think your comments here will help new people want to join your site, think again.

You are proving the poster of this review right, and showing yourselves to be just as the poster describes.

You better hope that if anyone is interested in joining Amirite, don't see this, or there won't be many takers.


To the one writing this review:

The main problem is that the owner of the site does not take control of it.

People are going to do what they do and will get away with whatever they can.

If there is little or no control, that is the owners fault, and not the members.

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