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I was just deactivated from for reporting Platinum, who continues to attack, stalk, and berate women on Amirite.Refer to screen shots of his latest antics dated 11/20/2016.

I have watched this hateful misogynist run down woman after woman day after day for 15 months, while moderator Serenity just giggles. I could not take it anymore, so I reported him. I was deactivated for it by his friend Serenity, who claims she cannot deactivate. That is a LIE.

I was DA'd 20 seconds after I posted my call for a boycott, and James was NOT online.

Serenity shares her moderator and account information with this angry old man.So here and now, I call for a boycott of Amirite on behalf of all women until Platinum is suspended or removed.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Amirite and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about amirite profile from Amirite was misogyny rampant Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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This review was written by someone who breached Amirite's Terms and conditions and is making a false review.The user was banned for bullying.

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Avon Lake, Ohio, United States #1330053

Well, not all women. Bisexual or *** women are treated very well there.


I was a member and left 3 months ago.There are some really crazy people on that site.

StarzAbove who thinks she runs the site with her ***/*** sidekick Tiffanee. Starz is an old bat, some say she's 70+ and ugly as *** but tells everyone she's young. I've wasn't friends with her but I know a few that were.

Most members hate her and her sidekick, they are a disgrace to the site.Until they are kicked off, good members will continue leaving.


Yes, he is a piece of work. Most unpleasant.


Platinum is a big fat ***.His hero is Donald Trump, even though he don't even live in the US.

He treats women with the same disdain that Donald does. I hardly post anymore. Darkest Serpent is his personal full time nanny.

It's sickening watching her protect his stinky butt from deactivation after he unleashes his fury like a spoiled tot.The site sux with him on it and most of the old gang has fled the scene because of them.

Meridian, Idaho, United States #1244363

And you poke the "old man" with a stick every chance you get (and then whine when he fights back).

to Anonymous #1244626

stfu darkest_serenity. you are the only loser freak that would ever defend this piece of rubbish. time to run along.

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