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Update by user May 15, 2018

Apparently, the person I am supposed to have harassed, is someone who stole the identity of someone else. https://youtu.be/DJsq4MNqdHE Amirite management is aware of the deception as the real person has come forward, the imposter has been suspended. Amirite management, also leaves in place the lie that I was suspended for harassment, and refuses to either simply close the account leaving NO statement regarding my departure OR reinstate my account, that I may close it again myself.

Update by user Mar 19, 2018

I have been libeled by the website Amirite.Com, in that they claim I was suspended for harassment while a user on their site. I closed my account with them in January.

They reopened/reactivated my account without my consent or request; simply to post the libelous statement regarding my suspension. But that's not enough, apparently. The Operations Manager of the site violated my privacy by using my private email as a public user name for over a month. The site's "SuperMod", Darkest_Serenity then stalked my page which was unrelated to Amirite.Com (source: referrers analytics on WordPress.com) I have filed an FBI IC3 Report against Amirite.Com and the two individuals mentioned above.

Do not join this site. Your personal information is NOT secure.

Update by user Feb 17, 2018

I closed my account with Amirite in January. Because of my review here, my account was reactivated without my consent or request and promptly "suspended".

I've never been suspended from some place after having closed my account. Have you?

Update by user Feb 10, 2018

I left this site in early January 2018. I wrote reviews here and responded to many comments regarding the site, Amirite.com.I was just informed my account was suspended as of Feb 3, 2018.No mean feat considering I closed my account and have not returned.

Original review posted by user Jul 26, 2016

Take every review you read with a grain of salt. Is every website a bastion of peace and harmony? No, and as long as it's people that are on them, they won't be.

Amirite.com has good points and bad. Am I going to give you a laundry list of pros and cons? No, I suggest you visit the sites and make up your own mind.

I will say, based on the writing style and phrases used, I can tell who most of the negative reviews and comments are coming from and they were indeed kicked off for causing trouble (one was even a moderator).

So go yourself, not just to this site, but any site. As with all things, the decision should be yours alone.

Reason of review: It's better than anything else I've found..

I liked: I like most of the questions and people.

I didn't like: I did not like all the questions nor all the people.

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Clearly a false review here because the user is angry they were banned!

maybe stop trying to defame other sites and stick to the rules!


This review was written by someone who breached Amirite's Terms and conditions and is making a false review.The user was banned for bullying.

We have strict controls on Amirite.com and don't tolerate any nonsense or breach of rules.

All ads are by Google Adsense which have secure parameters.

We treat all users fairly.

to Amirite #1423202

You realize the review was not negative, right?


I just got kicked out for posting nothing wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You answered my post to (Gun).

Why can't I sign back on??? I didn't post any bad words or say bad things.......at all! Who can I complain to?

I don't see anything I wrote. If I ddi something wrong wouldn't they tell me first?

I give Amirite zero stars!!!!!!!!!!

to Firefly #1193174

Well that's Weird , left you a comment Firefly hours ago

either to use CONTACT US on the Amirite page or to let me know your User name and I can go straight to Administration and get you back in if you wish and it disappeared because it just sounds like a glitch to me

to Darkest_Serenity #1193240

That is my screen name. Firefly.

I made this accoutn last night and even put up some posts about bungee jumping and other things. Gun was on my posts and so were Tiffany.

I can't remember who else. but everybody got along with me.

to Darkest_Serenity Southend, Southend-On-Sea, United Kingdom #1194767

My bet is, is that you did nothing for this member. She isn't from the Sodadead club.

to Baron #1195071

She tried

to Darkest_Serenity #1233793

LOLZ!!! What a bunch of Bull$h!t.

to Firefly #1193382

That seems to happen a lot around there.

to Firefly Roxbury Township, New Jersey, United States #1194166

Count your blessings and be glad you're gone. Come to answermug. Much nicer people, and you won't be exposed to the constant *** and whining by the remaining 5 memmbers.

to alreadydeadisalreadydead #1199906

AM is boring as ***, with the same two members writing 20 posts,....over and over again.


Please try and reach out to DS in private. She shouldn't be here adding fuel to the fire. She is out of control and making this worse.

to CC San Mateo, California, United States #1190316

What she does has nothing to do with my review. My review is for people who have never come to the site, but may just take the bad reviews of others as gospel.

to Gun #1190351

They actually read these sites without someone providing a link? How about that.

Good going Gun. You gave publicity to what people should see.

to Gun #1193019

I didn't take the reviews as gossple. I tried it out and got kicked off.

Their was nothing wrong with my posts. I am confused.

to Firefly #1199907

Your a sock, so stop with the 'innocent' act already.

to CC #1190350

She can't help it. This is what gets her in trouble every time.

to Anonymous #1190363

Spin on it

Fremont, California, United States #1190217

Well, you are wrong about who wrote most of the reviews, but I agree with everything else you said, even if you DO hate me. Now try and pound that message into your moderators heads.

Because I guarantee you THEY will not say they agree with you. Or I should say, they won't agree with you UNLESS or UNTIL they see that I said this.

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