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This is not a personal attack. This is a cold and objective observation of behavior by a particular moderator.

Darkest Serenity routinely violates the site tou (rules, for the rest of us). She will alter comments and posts, even if there was no violation occurring. She posted a happy birthday post, using the users name (a site violation). I responded, "Happy Birthday." She came in and added a birthday cake emoji to every single comment.

A big deal? No, but would you like your casual comment turned into a show of syrupy sweetness? I made a post she didn't like, she then threatened me with being thrown off the site. The post did not violate the site rules, it just didn't suit her standards and she didn't like it.

A woman posted a question "Does it seem like some of the men on here are on their period?" I posted, "Can you imagine the reaction if I, as a man, asked "Do you think some of the women on this site are on their period?" " Darkest Serenity pulled my post. First she told me it was offensive. When I pointed out that the original post was as well, she told me that I had made a "copy cat post". Time and again she has shown bias in moderating.

The rules are all important for some, and non existent for others. When I flag a post as offensive or trolling, she tells me, "Just ignore it.

Skip that post." Someone gives the same complaint about my posts, even if untrue, and my post is removed. I have repeatedly reported these abuses of power to the site owner James, never hearing more than "This will be investigated".

Product or Service Mentioned: Amirite Moderator.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I am not asking for the removal of Darkest serenity as a moderator, simply curtail her powers and authority..

I liked: I liked the ability to speak with others from around the world, Few other members, I like most of the questions and people.

I didn't like: No response to complaints by upper management, Moderation, Abuse of power and bias by senior moderator darkest serenity, Double standards when enforcing site rules, Trolling.

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Serenity has created a sock puppet of her own to taunt who she THINKS was a sock, but in reality, she suspended a legit new member, AGAIN! The preferred members have all kinds of sock accounts.

Tiffatty has dozens, including her latest creations "ThisLadyisDangerous", and "WillCooper". ChuckTom has created "Bub", and StarzAbove has no socks only because she is too ***.

Sukiesnow has dozens of aliases. But that's the way it goes, on

to JD #1362044

***StarzAbove has no socks only because she is too st00p!d.


And in case they try that *** that they have on other reviews,"This review was made by a member who was banned for violating site rules" -

(this shows that I have NOT been suspended)

to trooperstruth #1362030

Hey trooperstruth... I love the expose on Tiffatty. It's about time she was caught being the phony *** artist that she is.

to TheDudeYouDontWantToMeet #1362110

It's not really an expose, if all you have to do to see it, is look.

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